We (almost) Bought A Fifth Wheel!

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A while back, we mentioned that we were having such an incredible time living on the road that we didn’t plan on stopping any time soon. We also mentioned that we were starting to realize that we may need to invest in a bigger, more livable home on wheels. Months of research and one scary decision later….

We are extremely excited to share that we are the new owners of a 2015 Keystone Montana High Country 293rk! If you don’t speak RV-nese, that means we bought a sweet new fifth wheel and we are so  amped about it. 

To fill you in more, here’s a little Q and A I did with my imagination.

You said you “almost” bought one…what in the world do you mean?

Whoop, there it is! There’s the teensy little caveat mentioned in my headline. Nice click bait, huh? Bear with me.

We don’t actually have our new RV in our possession…yet. We ordered the unit from RV Wholesalers out of Ohio on December 12. That, folks, is exactly two months ago. Let me back up and explain the ordering process a bit. When you order and RV from a wholesaler, they place the order directly to the factory, therefore skipping right over the dealer (and lowering the price for you by a whole lot). Once the factory receives the order (and the deposit), they begin building the unit. Once it’s completed, it is delivered to the wholesaler and ready for you to love it.

RV Wholesalers told us it would be about 6-8 weeks before the unit was complete. That would be….today, at the latest. We kept waiting and waiting to hear an update, but every time we called the wholesalers, the salesmen gave us the runaround.

“Oh, ummm…let me call you back.” *click* And then we would wait another week, never hear back, and call again. It got to the point that a couple weeks ago we called the manager and left a seething voicemail expressing our distaste for the customer service experience. We finally got a call last week from the factory itself. They told us that our new little home won’t even begin to get assembled until the end of March, beginning of April. YIKES.

This was not the news we were hoping for, but at least it gave us an idea of when we will be back on the road again. For now, we are just waiting it out!

Why a new RV?

A few months back we started discussing our future plans. It didn’t take us long on the road to realize that a life on the road was pretty much meant for us. Once that was settled, we began discussing more and more how purchasing a different RV would probably be the logical next step. Our toy hauler was fantastic for hauling toys, which is why we originally purchased it, but it lacked some creature comforts that we both really missed. On top of that, it was a major pain in the rear to hook up every time we moved. All things considered, we knew a new RV was the way to go.

Why a 5th Wheel?

If you’ve ever purchased an RV (or a car or a house, for that matter) you know that there are a lot of choices to make. We weren’t set on any particular type, so it took us a while to narrow down our choices. At first we liked the idea of a class A diesel pusher, but decided against it for a few reasons: price, maintenance, and livability. Class A’s are expensive, and the ones that we really like are the price of a pretty nice house. We weren’t interested (or honestly even capable) of purchasing an older pusher and fully remodeling, so that left us with really expensive new units. Brandon hated the idea that you would have to bring your whole house to a shop every time the oil needed changing, and I really didn’t love the layouts. No matter how hard I tried, every bus I went in felt like a bus and not like a home.

Once we knocked the idea of a class A out, we settled on a fifth wheel. Trouble is, there are about a zillion types of fifth wheels! We began visiting every RV dealer we could think of and researched a lot online. We knew we wanted a high-end unit from a reliable company, but we also wanted to work within a budget. Another big factor for us was weight and length. We have a 3/4 ton diesel truck and wanted to be able to use that instead of swapping to a 1 ton. We also wanted to stay under 35 feet, as so many state and national parks have size restrictions.

It was a looooong process, but we finally selected the winner!

Tell us more about Montana High Country!

The 293rk is the shortest luxury model that Montana makes. The “rk” stands for “rear kitchen.” It is 32 feet 11 inches, which is a perfectly manageable size for us. It also has two slides, one in the bedroom and the whole wall in the main room. Here is the floor plan:

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 5.38.27 PM

Our favorite features include:

  • A bigger kitchen: A 13 cubic foot fridge, double sided stainless steel sink, Corian countertops and more cabinet space than I can imagine was a huge selling point for me!
  • Length and width: This unit is 5 feet longer than our current trailer and has two slides, which makes it feel about 5x as big!
  • Built-in Desk(!): Added emphasis because I am really excited about this one. Between the desk and the dinette, we will actually both have a place to do our work. Hurray!
  • Freestanding dinette and freestanding dining chairs: A booth dinette was a big no-no for us; I love the solid wood table, but will replace the chairs with something comfier.
  • Theatre seating and a couch: The positioning of the seating in the RV makes it feel like an actual living room, perfect for entertaining or watching a movie with friends
  • Full size queen bed: No more having to crawl over Brandon to get to my side of the bed! Also, Brandon’s feet won’t hang off of a regular sized Queen.
  • Walk in Closet: It probably goes without saying why this would be a huge plus!
  • Enormous amount of storage: …and I mean enormous. We have a large spacious pass through box in the front of the rig, storage under the bed, and cupboards everywhere they could fit them!
  • Auto leveling: This may be Brandon’s biggest selling point; no more manual cranking and stacking the RV wheels on blocks! We push a button and boom, our RV is secure and level.

I could go on and on about all the things I love about our new space, but I will leave it at that. Here are a couple more pictures that I pulled off the Keystone website:

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 5.38.48 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 5.39.03 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 5.39.14 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 5.39.40 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 5.39.50 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 5.40.25 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 5.40.37 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 5.41.08 PM

Why does the interior look like it jumped out of the 80s?

What a great observation! Honestly? I have absolutely no idea. It blows my mind that 90% of RV companies haven’t made the interiors more modern. I mean, look at those cornices and that duvet (insert wide-eyed emoji). Some brands have done a great job at making the interiors feel more “2015” but they are far and few between. Luckily, this RV has great bones, a perfect layout, nice woodwork, great couches, tons of storage and a billion other wonderful features. I know with a few trips to Target and Home Depot I can make this baby look and feel like home sweet home. It looks like I have quite a while to think about my design plans, as well.

That brings me to my next topic…

So, what are you doing in the meantime?

We are taking a break from traveling during this transition. We are staying in Utah and have traveled to Texas to see family for a while. Even though we miss the open road, this has been a nice time to see family and friends and get prepared and excited for the next leg of our adventure. With all of our RV repair drama and the holidays, we’ve now been living out of a suitcases for 2.5 months! We’re really excited to get back on the road once our time comes, but for right now we are enjoying Utah and a temporary solitary lifestyle.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the “preview” of our soon-to-be new home! We can’t wait to show it off once we’ve put our personal touches in :)

Disclaimer: These pictures all came from the www.KeystoneRV.com. I do not own them! 


martin turner Wrote:

wondered why we haven’t heard from you in awhile. the wonders of the internet…i’m reading your post from a villa at the cordova reef resort in the philippines. tomorrow its island hopping, snorkeling and tasting local foods, mostly from the sea after a number of days wasted in the grimier part of Cebu Island. If i was still a photographer, the abject poverty and squalor would be my subject matter, the mangy half starved dogs and bazaar rough looking drag queens, however i’m not and because these are things that just are. You can barely fathom the level of self imposed misery that the human animal will not only endure but accept as “normal” and still have the ability to laugh and smile through a toothless grin.
This is the end result of over 500 years of Catholic rule…no birth control, no sex education, no (legal) abortion and no divorce law (the only country in the world besides the Vatican), breeding like rats on a steaming garbage dump of what used to be paradise. Thank god I’ll be going to Palawan Is which is what the Philippines used to be like and for some reason still is, partially becuz air travel just began to there about 5 yrs ago. Makes Mexico look like prime real estate.


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