Three Months on the Road!


This morning I woke up and began scrolling through my emails, like I do every morning. My eye caught one that said something about this being the last day of November. I quickly double checked the date and realized that I had missed the 28th, which is our three month roam-iversary! I found this rather funny. The first two months, we anxiously awaited our anniversary dates and felt victorious as they came and went. This month, we hardly even realized that the date had flown by!

I’ve compiled a few notes on how we’re feeling and what we’ve been up to:

- One of our biggest and most difficult trials came this week when we finally found a perfect new home for our sweet kitties. Beuford and Little Man (long story behind the silly names) joined our family over 3 years ago, and have been with us through thick and thin. We didn’t hesitate to bring them on the road with us — we created a custom cat area in our RV pull through box, installed cat doors, and “cat proofed” the RV before hitting the road. Little Man was always afraid of traveling, so we stocked up on some hardcore sedatives to give him for our travels. Our hope was that after a while, he would adjust to life on the road. It turned out to be the exact opposite. Every time we moved it got harder and harder to give him his meds; he would spit them all over the place and shred us up to get away. He would scream in his cage, no matter what, and every time we moved he would throw up, pee and poop all over himself. After we eventually got him cleaned up, he would then hide for days after we got somewhere, and eventually started trying to get out of the RV (a few times, he was successful!). It was exhausting and frustrating for everyone.

We knew that Little Man would do better in a different situation, but also knew that Beuford was just an innocent bystander; he did great in the RV! In the end, neither of us were willing to break the two apart — they had raised each other, and loved each other too much to be separated. I began listing them online just to see if I could find a perfect situation where Little Man would never have to move around. I listed them in every city I could for about a month and a half. I never had much luck; people were either non-committal or just didn’t seem like they would be good “parents” to our little guys. We finally hit the jackpot with Mark and Masio, who recently lost their two elderly cats and were beginning to look for a couple new members to join their family. It was a big decision for everyone involved, but we all decided that it was a great fit. The cats are now all settled in to their beautiful new home, complete with all new toys and an enormous cat tower. We visited them today and they are fitting in beautifully. We are heartbroken to not have them here with us; the RV seems empty and quiet. Brandon has taken the hit especially hard, as Beuford was his baby. We are so happy that we finally found somewhere that they will be safe, happy and never separated.

- We feel more established as “permanent wanderers.” For a while, we kept saying how this whole adventure felt like a dream; it felt like we were living someone else’s life. The first two months we spent a lot of time doing every activity we could think of in every city we stopped at.  Now, we are focusing on slowing things way down. We’ve spent a lot of time tweaking and adjusting our schedule to allow for the right amount of work and play, and we’ve arrived at a really good place.

- We are running in to more issues with our current RV. It isn’t meant to be lived full-time in, so we have had quite a few issues as of late. Our last night in Santa Barbara, we arrived back home from a wonderful day away to find water pouring out of the underbelly of the rig and coating our floor inside. Talk about a mess! Again just last night, a pipe under the sink decided to give out on us, leaving us with a spewing mess of grey water in the kitchen. We are wrapping up our time here in Palm Springs and plan on bringing the rig in to a dealer in Las Vegas as soon as we get there. Hopefully they’ll have it fixed up in no time — fingers crossed.

- On that same note, we have been tossing around the idea of moving to a fifth wheel. In addition to having much nicer components (and hopefully far less issues), we think a different space would be advantageous for several reasons:

1) We love hosting people. Game night, dinner parties, movies and popcorn — you name it. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to host friends and family in 200 square feet (though I probably should have). We have made it work, utilizing the space as best as we can and doing a lot outside the rig, but a bit more space indoors would be a real dream.

2) We are not “retired;” we live an unconventional lifestyle, but both of us still work. Our tiny dining table is acting as my desk, and Brandon has taken to sitting on the floor and using the couch as his work station. This is doable, but not exactly ideal. Having a large dining table and/or  a designated work station would definitely help our productivity.

3) Having more organizational space would be extremely handy. We have pared down roughly 90% of what we own, and I am still having a hard time finding a place to store quite a bit of what we own. For example, I don’t have a real closet, so all of our shoes are in a bin in the back of the trailer. This works for now, but it’s pretty unsightly and not very functional.

We are taking a little bit of time every day and browsing new and used full profile fifth wheels of all sizes. If you love yours or recommend any particular brand, we would love to hear about it.

- Keeping the blog updated is hard work! I put blogging on the back burner to take on another job, so I am pretty backlogged. Bear with me while I catch up! I promise I will have several more posts up soon. Even though we aren’t turning out articles very quickly, we are both enjoying the writing and picture taking. On top of keeping our friends, family and followers updated, the pages in this blog are creating a beautiful time capsule for Brandon and I. I love flipping through the pages and remembering these memories. If we can do anything to make the posts better or more interesting, do let us know.

- We are yet again reevaluating how quickly, and where, we want our travels to take us. I mentioned on my two-month anniversary post that we thought our traveling sweet spot was two weeks or less. Fast forward a month, and both of us are thinking that 2-3 weeks is much more appropriate. Both of us feel that slowing things down will help us (a) see more of each city/area, (b) focus more on our work, and (c) continue to save and invest our money. We were initially planning to travel to Florida by April and then up the East Coast next summer, and are now contemplating staying in the southwest for most of the winter and then playing it by ear for the summer. I guess that’s the beauty of living on the road—you’re usually pretty flexible!

- We are having an incredible time. Some of my most cherished memories have taken place in the past three months, and I can see that being a pretty regular thing for the months to come. Traveling continues to bring out the best (and occasionally the worst) in both of us, but we are focusing on the positive. As I mentioned above, we are wrapping up our time in Palm Springs and heading to Las Vegas this week. We will spend a couple weeks there before heading home for the holidays! Cheers to December!


Thomas Kenney Wrote:

We are looking at fifth wheels too.
We have about decided on a front living room and taking out one of the couches in the slide out to put my computer desk.
When you slow down a little more it is cheaper to stay in one spot for a month. The cost is just a little more then a two week stay.

Megan Wrote:

Thomas, that is too funny – we have looked at doing the exact same thing with a front living space. Finding room for a desk can be difficult! Also, you’re right about staying a month instead of two weeks at a lot of campgrounds. We have a Thousand Trails membership that allows us to stay for up to three weeks for free in a handful of campgrounds, so we will continue to utilize that as best we can. Happy trails, and good luck finding the perfect fiver. Let us know what you end up with !

Julie Bennett Wrote:

Hi Megan

Sounds like we hit the round around similar times! We left Colorado in June to full-time and are also working from the coach. So far it’s all going great and our 6 month-iversary is coming up in just 11 days! Blog post/video coming up on that… Sounds like a 5th wheel will give you a lot more room. We love our 36 foot Class A motorhome (Tiffin). We’ve had a few repairs but nothing too major or expensive (as in not out of OUR pockets) as it’s only 2012. You might be interested in a blog post I did a little while back on how we converted our bunkhouse into an office. I am also doing another one soon on how I created a workstation in the front passenger area…so many blog ideas, so little time! We are also going to be in the south west for the winter so hope to connect with you guys sometime. Take care! Julie & Marc :)
PS. sorry to hear you had to give away your kitties but glad they now have a home you are happy with… We started out with our 9yo dog Coda but she passed away from lung cancer (unexpected for us) just a few weeks ago which was devastating, she was Marc’s baby… Anyway, we know how it feels to come ‘home’ and not have your fluffy loved ones there to greet you :( It does get easier though…

Megan Wrote:

Hi Jule and Marc!

Sheesh, I am so sorry that it has taken me this long to reply to you. December has been an absolutely crazy month for us (I am just about to post a blog about it!) Anyhow, thanks for taking the time to write! Congrats on your 6 month milestone — that is fantastic! Our four month roam-iversary (as I call it) is actually today:) We love life on the road and wouldn’t have it any other way. I will make sure to follow you guys and see if we cross paths over the next few months, we would love to have you over for dinner! I checked out your blog and loved your work station remodel; so creative! I hope we can make something as functional as that :)

I am so sorry to hear about your beloved Coda — losing a pet is one of the most difficult losses. So glad he could accompany you at the beginning of your journey!

Cheers and Safe Travels!


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