Pig Island – The Exumas, Bahamas


In November 2013, we traveled with my family to the beautiful Exumas, Bahamas. This chain of 365 cays is home to hundreds of incredible activities and sightseeing opportunities, including deep sea diving, water sports, snorkeling, sailing, jet skiing, and so much more. The one thing that you may not expect from this tropical paradise is an island that houses a herd of swimming pigs – which, for a couple of pig owners (and particularly for Megan), turned out to be quite a hit.

First, a bit of background. “Pig Island” is the often used nickname for Big Major Cay. This island is uninhabited by humans, and has become home to at least 80-100 “domesticated” pigs. Our guides informed us that no one actually knows how the pigs came to live on Pig Island, but rumor has it that a vessel carrying livestock became shipwrecked and the only animals to make it to this nearby island were the pigs (and a few very lucky chickens). Pigs are actually natural swimmers, and these pigs soon learned that boats approaching the cay typically meant a snack was headed their way. Now, whenever a boat approaches the island, tourists and locals are greeted by a hoard of pigs swimming out for a snack!


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Even as seasoned pig owners, it was a bit nerve racking getting off of the boat and on to the beach. The fully grown pigs were roughly 600-800 pounds; you have to have a healthy respect for an animal that size who is entirely motivated by food. That being said, the pigs were very well trained! They would sit down and gape open their mouths, waiting for you to give them a treat.We brought several loaves of bread, and other fruit and vegetable scraps. They finished every bit of what we brought for them.


If you will be visiting the Bahamas anytime soon, this unique destination is a must see! We will definitely be back one day. For more information visit the wiki page for Pig Beach: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pig_Beach

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