Month Four: Home(less) for the Holidays


Happy December, Happy Holidays, Merry late Christmas and Happy New Year!  We love this time of year; there is so much to be thankful for, and we love the cheerful atmosphere, bright lights, holiday parties, decorated trees and plethora of desserts. Both of us cannot believe that 2014 is coming to a close. I have fallen off of the blog train a bit. My dear friend mentioned I need to post more regular updates; her wish is my command!

On a separate note, today marks our FOUR month Roam-iversary! I feel like I just barely wrote our three month update. My, how time is flying. It has been a crazy month, but we are embracing the crazy and ready for more.

Our Month:

We have had one curveball after another lately, but we are learning how to roll with the punches. Allow me to rewind a bit. A little over a month ago, the pipe beneath our shower decided to give out on us. We came home from a fun day of adventuring to find water pouring out of the underbelly of our coach. We had the pipe under the shower fixed as soon as we could, but we weren’t able to get the RV in to the shop until we arrived in Vegas, which was a couple weeks later. The repairmen told us that the water had completely ruined our insulation, and that the repairs were going to cost some major  bucks. Bah, humbug! We decided to file an insurance claim to get it taken care of.


Saving our baby Christmas Tree before our home is hauled off to the shop!


Vegas at night — Beautiful!

To make a long story short, our insurance company wasn’t keen on coughing up the money, even though we are fully covered through full timers RV insurance. After a week of fighting them, they finally agreed to cover the damages in full. Hurray! Unfortunately, they didn’t agree to cover the damages until the day before we were scheduled to pack up and head home for the holidays. The short notice didn’t give the shop enough time to complete the repairs, so we decided we would have to wait until we got back in January. We are a little bummed, but still thankful that the costs will be covered!

We knew we didn’t want to haul the trailer up to freezing cold Salt Lake City, and had planned months ago to leave the trailer at a storage lot in Vegas. Sparing you the details of the day, we spent roughly 8 hours attempting to park in the original lot, failing (due to the fact that the storage workers booked us for a spot entirely too small for our rig), finding a new lot, forgetting to dump our tanks, finding a place to dump our tanks and winterize, going back to the new trailer storage lot, and packing up the rest of our belongings for the trek home. As a cherry on top, the giant California storm hailed as “the largest in five years” hit Las Vegas right during this fabulous adventure (two cheers for you if you can audibly hear these words dripping with sarcasm). I can look back and chuckle at it now, but I will be the first to admit that it was not a great day!


Our ridiculously tiny spot; It’s tough to tell from the picture, but there was no way in hell we would have fit in that spot!


A selfie that captured my rage was necessary :D

The next day, our truck smooshed with necessities, we laid our crabbiness from the day prior to rest and were absolutely thrilled to drive back to Salt Lake City. My brother and his family arrived to my parents house on the same day, so the reunion was even more exciting.  On the 18th, Brandon flew to Texas to spend a week with his family, so for the fifth year in a row we spent Christmas apart. I will relish the day we can spend Christmas together, but for now this is the best solution we have found.

IMG_0472IMG_0478 IMG_0476

The past couple weeks have been wonderful for both of us. We loved spending the time with family and friends. Salt Lake dumped snow on Christmas day, which was picturesque. We don’t miss living in the snow, but it was an awesome Christmas surprise. On Christmas night, Brandon and his family flew in to Salt Lake for a week of fun in the mountains. Our gifts to each other this year were travel-inspired : Brandon gave me a Kelly Moore camera bag so I can stylishly tote around my camera and lenses and a few warm sweaters, and I gave him a Pickleball Paddle that is sure to bring pickle-domination to those who dare to cross our path on the court!


Christmas Eve at Grandma’s house


Complete homemade gingerbread house…and by homemade, I mean made my Trader Joes and assembled by the family :)

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 5.49.51 PM

Brandon’s family on Christmas day


My sweet nephew meeting Santa Claus for the first time!


Brandon’s sweet Grandma


Sugar cookies!


The Re-Ignite Viking Paddle! Check out that game face!


My perfect camera bag! I am in love.

A Few More Updates:

As you may have surmised through my description of the past month, RV life hasn’t been simple or easy. We have spent more time living in hotels & family homes the past month than we have in our RV. Even though it has been a tough month, we are still absolutely loving and missing life on the road. If this tumultuous month showed me anything, it’s that we are cut out for a nomadic life perfectly. We’ve loved spending time with our families but both of us are itching to get back to our own version of normalcy.

Our travel plan has taken a dramatic shift over the past month. We had planned on heading through Arizona, Texas and on to Florida for the remainder of the winter. After some thoughtful consideration, we decided that would be far too fast. As I have mentioned in some of my previous monthly updates, we don’t enjoy traveling too quickly. Our new travel plan is as follows:

  • Early winter in the Southwest
  • Early spring in the mountains of Central California
  • Mid-spring and part of summer in the Pacific Northwest
  • August and September in Glacier, Yellowstone and Jackson Hole
  • Albuquerque for the Balloon Fiesta in October.

This is obviously a rough sketch of what our next year will hold, but it’s a work in progress. We are feeling much more comfortable with this plan and cannot wait to further explore everything we can in the West.

All in all, life on the road (and not so much on the road) has been good to us. Traveling full time isn’t all sparkles and sunshine; it can be exhausting, and will, at times, push you to your limits. Regardless, we would not trade our wildly unpredictable life for anything. Bring it on 2015, we are ready for you!



Always good to hear about newbies getting their wings, the trials and tribulations of the road. Kind of an interesting contrast to my friends in the Philippines who have recently lost their homes, businesses and farms (again). We’re so fortunate. The pace at Rancho Oso has slowed even more (if u can imagine that) with freezing nights and sunny but chilly days (almost wrote chili, which was true also because i canned up a batch of my nearly famous turkey chili). It twas a bit chilly while eating chili in Chile. Wow that was silly.

Megan Wrote:

Hey Martin! Great to hear from you! Life on the road can be unpredictable, that’s for sure, but we certainly are very blessed. We are so thankful to not be truly homeless and feel deeply for your friends in the Philippines. Despite any frustrations, we couldn’t be happier with our vagabond lifestyle. Glad that everything is going well at Rancho Oso; next time we’re there, we will have to try some of this famous Chili! :)

Take care, and tell Roo hello for us!


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