The Hubbard Glacier, Alaska Cruise 2013


Days two and three of our week-long Alaskan cruise were spent “scenic cruising”; for those of you who have not been on a cruise before, there actually is a difference between “cruising” and “scenic cruising.” The first day of our cruise, we shoved off from Whittier, AK, and we hauled ass towards the first glacier area. This would be called “regular” cruising (or maybe it has a better name…let me know if you know what it is!) Once we reached the Hubbard Glacier area, the scenic cruising began. The ship crawled at a very slow pace through the Yakutat Bay, which fed into the much more narrow Disenchantment Bay. The weather was acting very Alaska-esque as we drifted towards the glacier – it was so windy you could hardly keep your eyes open, and a mixture of glacial snow and ice pelted everyone who wanted to get a good outside view.

Side Note: We took a Princess cruise, so we were definitely a minority as far as age is concerned. This turned out to be awesome, because on the days of the scenic cruising, there were not quite as many yahoos who were interested in braving the blizzard-like conditions to snap a good picture or two, so we didn’t have to fight for prime picture-taking spots. Score one for us!

Despite the less than cooperative weather, this was one of my favorite days of the cruise. The glacier (the the entire “float” towards it) was unbelievable.

IMG_8749 IMG_8683 IMG_8686 IMG_8689 IMG_3233

(Above: Massive selfie-with-icebergs fail. Look at all of those ice chunks!
Below: The much better “ask someone to take a picture of us!” shot) 

IMG_3235 IMG_3245


If you plan on cruising Alaska soon, make sure the Hubbard Glacier is in your itinerary…you will not be disappointed!

– M




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