Glacier Bay, Alaska Cruise 2013


After touring through the beautiful and cold Hubbard Glacier area, I didn’t think it could get too much prettier. Then we got to Glacier Bay (insert googly eyes). For all you Lord of the Rings fans (guilty), this is basically Rivendell without the castles and Elves. The wind had calmed down from the day prior, so the waters were calm. The clouds were low hanging, sometimes even skimming parts of the water. We were “nice camera newbies” on this trip, so please forgive the low-quality images that do not do this place any justice. The water was a grey-turquoise color (think glacier), and the greenery on the surrounding mountains was pretty unbelievable. All day there were bald eagle, bear and whale sightings, which of course had every passenger sprinting from the starboard side to the port side and back, searching for the wildlife. We opted to relax and take in the scenery, so we grabbed a few chairs on the starboard side, wrapped ourselves in as many layers as possible and took it all in!

IMG_8705 IMG_3251


IMG_3263 IMG_3268IMG_8717 IMG_8728 IMG_8794

Hi, bald eagle!

IMG_8750 IMG_8807

Bye, bald eagle!

IMG_8824 IMG_8851 These glacier pictures do not quite do this baby justice. She was HUGE, and while we were watching, would ‘calve’ huge icebergs. It sounded like thunder when they split!



Below: Lord of the Rings, amiright?


IMG_8929 IMG_8986


– M

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