Exploring trails in Moab, UT



We spent several weeks from the middle of March to the first of April on the outskirts of Moab, Utah. North of Archview Resort (a local RV park) there is a turn-off called Willow Springs Road, which is very popular with the off-roading/adventurous crowd.  The landscape is dotted with trailers and tents; there are plenty of private and primitive areas to set up camp, and the best part? It’s free! The turn off is only 13 miles from Moab, 20 miles from the Island in the Sky area of Canyonlands, and 9 miles from the Arches. Essentially, this is a perfect playground for those who want to explore all that the Moab area has to offer!



One of our favorite scenic rides was Gemini Bridges Road, pictured above. IMG_3958

Beautiful view looking back towards Moab on Gemini Bridges Road.


A view of the Gemini Bridges.


A view from the Gemini Bridges, showing how far down the cliffs are!

IMG_4004IMG_3954IMG_3968 IMG_3967IMG_3963 IMG_3991 IMG_3999

These shots were taken on trails that branched off of Gemini Bridges Road. An ATV or dirt bike would be required to get into most of these areas, as they fairly rocky and at times difficult.



IMG_3829IMG_3846 IMG_3837

The above photos were taken from the M&M trail and the 7 Mile Rim Trail. I recommend purchasing a guide to Moab riding (as well as a trusty GPS unit) if you will be taking any of these roads; it’s not very difficult to get yourself lost :)



The Sovereign ATV Loop, pictured above, quickly became another favorite. You could make this loop as short as 1 hour, or you could explore the side trails for many more hours. Definitely worth seeing!

Mbr2LMVBYPHMMwbIpGZmkbBbg4kCB9HpQWprZhCaj6QAbove is a beautiful view from the Bartlett ATV trail, which heads towards canylonlands national park.  Its a very isolated LONG beautiful trail.


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