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Palazzo RV

Friends! I am just so excited to be writing here once again. The last time I updated this blog was in 2015 when we had just purchased our second RV to live in full time.

As they tend to, things have changed a whole lot since then. The abbreviated version goes something like this: In 2016, we got engaged (in beautiful New Zealand!) and found the property of our dreams in Salt Lake City. The house on the property was a bit of a fixer-upper—so after we got married in 2017, we started a major home remodel. (The type of major that involves tearing the entire house apart, down to the studs.) We still haven’t finished the exterior (we’ll get there eventually!), but we finished the interior remodel in the fall of 2018, just in time for us to welcome our beautiful daughter Thea to the world.

Life rarely works out exactly as you think it will, huh? I remember so many times during our full-time adventures, I would stop and tell Brandon, “Why would we ever want to live in a house again when we can live this way?” Even with all the changes we’ve gone through, that sentiment still resonates with me. Selling 90% of our belongings and taking off, just the two of us (and at the time, our two cats and pig!) felt like a little rebellion from normalcy. We woke up every day in our own bed, but in a new place, surrounded by interesting people to meet and adventures to be had. There’s still something about that concept that I will never get over—it’s so fun. Even once we found a home without wheels to call our own, we never grew out of our love of travel—especially RV travel. There’s just something about bringing the comforts of home along everywhere you visit that no other form of travel can beat.

Over the last several years, we’ve been confident that we’d buy another RV one day—but weren’t sure what kind we wanted and when the right time to buy would be. We looked at virtually every option on the market, from the smallest sprinter vans to the biggest diesel pushers. We wanted to get something that would be large enough for our little family to live comfortably in but small enough to fit in the many parks with 35-foot limits. So, fun fact about Brandon: he refuses even to consider buying a vehicle or RV unless we’re getting a crazy good deal on it. He scours the internet for months and haggles low prices down so low he practically steals them off the lot. (It’s a gift I don’t share, so good thing he’s so great at it!) Long story short, we found the perfect fit in a 2018 Thor Palazzo 33.3! It’s actually the only diesel bunkhouse class A under 35 feet. Brandon flew to New Mexico in January 2019 to buy it and drive it back home! We have big plans for remodeling the interior (stay tuned!), but for now, we are so happy with our choice.

In short, I’m thrilled to be back here on our little corner of the web, sharing our adventures. Roaming Free was a creative outlet for me years ago, and I’m excited to start it back up now. I hope to be able to capture a bit about our life on and off the road, traveling with a toddler, motherhood, healthy living, remote work, and whenever else comes our way whether you’re a fellow traveler or someone who is looking forward to their next adventure, thanks for following along.

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