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Fellow travelers, trip planners, and daydreamers, welcome! We are Brandon, Megan, and Thea, the three members of the Roaming Free family.

Five years ago, we sold nearly everything we owned, packed our remaining belongings into a 27-foot travel trailer (with two cats and a mini pig!) and set off to live our life on the road. A lot has changed since then—we bought, lived in, and sold a fifth wheel, bought and remodeled our dream home, and welcomed the most perfect little girl into our family. But a lot has remained the same, too. We never quite scratched our itch to travel, so in early 2019, we bought a motorhome and decided to live part of the year in our RV, and part at home.

Thanks for joining us as we navigate traveling with a toddler, healthy living, parenthood, remote work, and more. (Pop over to our Instagram page and say hello!)


As the brains behind ‘Operation Lets Live in a Trailer,’ Brandon can often be found telling Megan, “I told you it would be awesome!” When he isn’t incessantly checking stock market news, he can be found riding his electric long board or flying his quadcopter.


You can often find Megan whipping up a new concoction in the kitchen, honing in on her photography skills, or trying to play “catch up” with all of the blogs she is due to write. In her spare time, she loves trail running and talking to her family on the phone — that’s a hobby, right?

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Questions? Comments? Want to say hello, or meet up when we are passing through your neck of the woods? Email us at hello@roaming-free.com; we would love to connect!

Cheers and happy travels,

— Brandon and Megan